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Student Council is a group of students who are chosen by the majority of the students in the school.

The members of this council are the representatives of the students in the school. Students can come to them and share their ideas, problems, or suggestions with them.

The main purpose of the Student Council is to make the school a more comfortable and enjoyable place for the students and staff.

Greetings from the Burundi American International Academy (BAIA) and it's my pleasure to welcome you to the STUCO Page. This is the first year that BAIA is having a Student Council. We have been chosen by the students to make BAIA a better place for everybody.

 We have started the Student tutoring lessons to improve the educational level of the students. We also started a ping pong tournament for Elementary, Middle, and High School. We are currently working on the movie night, Educational School trips, bake sales, spirit week, and International Day. Let’s wait for new changes!

Thank you for visiting the STUCO Page.

Syed Hussain Taha Kazmi



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Movie Night,

We will have a movie night after school on Friday. The middle school and high school students will be able to watch the movie called, “Annabel.” They can buy delicious goods to enjoy the movie.

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